Fee structure

The user registered as teacher agrees to pay GIBES.CO.IN the following fees:

Higher Commission on per campaign as well as higher monthly / yearly charges on per course sucks and we do not want to come in between you and your goal.

So we are charging only for IT maintenance and very less fees as compared to other online course platforms.




Monthly / Yearly Subscription Charges


500 Per Month




GST & Other Taxes



Other Charges (Payment Gateway)

2.5% + INR 15

2.5% + INR 15


For example:

You create a course and charge INR 600 per student.

In one month 20 students enroll for your course – so total amount collected – 20*600 = 12000.

So with all the other online course companies total amount deducted 3860 and finally you get 8140/-

While with GIBES.CO.IN total amount deducted 1200 and you get INR 10800/-


Fee Structure for Students

The User registered as a student at GIBES.CO.IN can browse through the course without any charges. Charges are applicable only when the user desires to purchase (course fees and if any discount offered – is solely decided by the teacher) and there are also no payment gateway charges applicable.


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