Fee structure

The Campaigner agrees to pay GIBES.CO.IN the following fees in relation to the Campaigner’s crowdfunding campaign(s):

Raise unlimited crowd funding amount for your donation and investment campaigns.

Commission on per campaign as well as higher flat charges on per campaign sucks and we do not want to come in between you and your goal.

So we are charging only for IT maintenance and very less fees as compared to other crowdfunding platforms.

Upfront Non refundable fee of INR. 1,000 to be paid within 24 hours of your campaign getting approved.




Flat Charges

INR 1000

INR 3500




GST & Other Taxes



Other Charges

03% + INR 15

03% + INR 15


For example:

You create a campaign with a funding goal of INR 1,00,000 (1 Lac)

So total charges with GIBES.CO.IN will be only INR 3875, while total charges with other crowdfunding companies will be INR 31375


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